Michael Jackson Perfumes - I Don't Think So!!

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Michael Jackson Perfumes - I Don't Think So!!

Post by MentalCity on Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:58 am

I would love to share this, I think it is very important to keep Michael's image untarnished. A few months ago Joe Jackson has teamed up with a French crook, Julian Rouas, to exploit the late Michael in an attempt to launch a line of perfumes. They are being sued by Bravado International since they owned the Rights . Unfortunately, Joe Jackson and Julian Rouas continue their sordid exploitation. A Must Read for all MJ fans:

Jackson Tribute Fragrances

This Morbid Exploitation MUST STOP!! Leave Michael Rest In Peace!! amen pray 2 [b]

A reputable French newspapers Le Figaro highlights this issue:
Le Figaro Jackson Tribute
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