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Post by DeborahFfrench on Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:13 am

'The 500' is a group of dedicated writers. Formed to respond to the negative, misleading and often malicious media narrative that is still perpetuated about Michael Jackson, we are now gathering our membership. We are of the view that the more people who want to stand for Michael and articulately express themselves - the better. This then, is an invitation to any members of this forum who wish to to join us, to get in contact.

Calling The 500

…even if you change only one mind, that’s one less who believes a lie.

Years of misinformation and wilful distortion by the media have deceived the American public about the truth of Michael Jackson’s innocence, and brought us to where we are today: witnessing a systematic attack on a legacy.

News stories ranging from the deliberately harmful to the ridiculous have raged in the media for most of Michael Jackson's life, and continue now - even after his death. From accusations of pornographic content in the superbly produced ‘Opus’ book, to continuing falsehoods perpetuating the myth that he harmed children, and the fiction that he lived and died a drug addict - the narrative is obvious, and it is wrong.

We are looking for 500 people who can write factually and intelligently when asked to, with an eye on the pragmatic aspects of reclaiming Michael Jackson's public image.
We think it's possible that if 500 people were willing and able to write the letters, post the comments, make the calls - we could help change the public narrative on Michael Jackson.

What if 500 people were to articulately respond to the continued innuendos casually repeated in the press? What if this group of 500 concerned and intelligent citizens refused to remain silent while an innocent man's name continues to be dragged through the mud by the media - for the sake of profit?

As a bloc, we would respond effectively and powerfully whenever a 'trash' story on Michael is fed to a gullible public. We intend to call the media on their irresponsibility whenever possible. The 500 will operate as an on-call response team to negative press about Michael Jackson, while supporting journalism that tells the truth.

We need good writers who can stay on message and write persuasively. We do have a fairly strong idea about what kind of writers will be most effective, but don't intend to micro-manage anyone's comments apart from offering guidelines.

If you think The 500 is for you, please contact us at - - so that we can add you to the newly formed Googlegroup The 500. From there, once we've built a little critical mass, we will get to work by issuing a set of guidelines and resources to our writing membership, to be followed by regular brief messages about where to direct your comments.

Thank you.

The 500 Team.

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