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Post by BeGodsGlow on Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:00 am

I'm also new to's forums, so it's also a learning curve for me and moderators. Here are some things I've noticed so far that might be helpful:

Avatar Gallery - When you set up your Profile (click on 'Profile' next to 'Home' in the blue field just under the header picture at the top of the page), go to your Avatar tab to upload or link to your own graphic. Otherwise, you can look at the bottom of the Avatar tab module and see a button that say "Show Gallery". There are a few default ones you can choose right away or you can pick "Animals" or "Misc" from the little dropdown menu.

Report objectionable posts - If you see a troll post or something that's a real problem or violation of rules, you can report the post to moderators for review by clicking the little triangle "!" symbol that appears on each post in the upper right corner. Please only use when necessary.

Multi-Quote If you want to quote more than one post at a time (like replying to 2 people at once in one post), use the "quote+" button on each one, then choose "PostReply" at the bottom of the page that's right below the QuickReply form.

When you create a topic/thread, replies by others will contain a "Thanks" button. It's a special way to publicly thank someone who replies in a particularly helpful way. For instance, if you ask "where was this picture from?" and someone has the answer, you can say "thanks". Their post will display a different background color, showing the appreciation Smile

..... that's it for now.....

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