Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

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Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Empty Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

Post by BeGodsGlow on Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:04 pm

Hi everyone! Please be sure to read the special visualization we're doing today!

Hello Lovely Ones! ♥ We hope you're all doing well this weekend and have
had a chance to relax and spend time with your families, gathering
strength before Tuesday morning's opening statements. If you have not
yet read theCall for Love message about the Murray trial,
please do so and please pass it on to your friends. The message of LOVE
is so needed as we walk forward in a global show of unity with one
voice, maintaining respect and dignity, as Michael's representatives.

Because of the circumstances this month, we are doing a special visualization
during MLP today. It can be repeated daily or weekly over the next
several weeks as part of your own meditations or prayers, but today will
be a particularly powerful opportunity to join forces in a massive wave
of energy at the exact same time all around the planet. This is a
major, major love and we have the power to sweep negativity and lies
away and replace them with a cleared, sacred space that invites the
TRUTH so that JUSTICE can be done. Please join us for this special
prayer at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST / 23:00 CET (see worldwide time chart for your location)...

September 25, 2011 Major Love Prayer Visualization:

1) Prepare
- A minute or two before the top of the hour, please relax your mind,
breathe deeply and say any personal prayers you'd like, ask for higher
forces to join us, etc.

Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Courthouse 2) "Meet" at Courthouse/Bring the Love
- As the global prayer begins, please visualize in your mind the Clara
Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on Temple Street in Los
Angeles. All of us are "there" with you, more and more appearing as
everyone joins. Now, let us all take each others' hands so that we may
be united as ONE FORCE. We bow our heads in thankfulness as we remember
this LOVE that is in our lives, our hearts and our souls. Thank you,
Michael. Please try not to focus on pain and sadness, but try instead
his beautiful smile... 'remember the bliss!' ... focus on the joy that
is LOVE. Love is always the answer! Take a minute or two to let this
LOVE fill your heart. You can even feel it as it rises in the hearts of
everyone you're connected with. We are ONE. We GLOW with LOVE.

Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Courthouse%2Bmurray%2Btrial%2Bjustice4MJ%2Bmajorloveprayer%2Blove%2Blight%2Btruth 3) Fill it with Light! -
Now, as we stand surrounding the courthouse, we ask that the LIGHT OF
TRUTH please fill this space (..from God or other higher power, if that
is within your beliefs). Visualize an intensely bright light filling the
building, as if a cosmic spotlight has been switched on from above.
This light is the pure energy of LOVE and TRUTH. No walls can stop it,
nor barriers contain it. Every room, from Judge Pastor's chambers to the
courtroom to the hallways, clear down to the parking garage and the
surrounding courtyard and sidewalks where fans and media will gather is
brightly lit. No millimeter of space is left in darkness. The entire
building and its surrounding area GLOWS with beautiful crystal light.
KNOW that this light dispells all negativity, all lies, all fear, all hatred. Everything is illuminated and only love, truth, wisdom and the HIGHEST GOOD
can exist in this space. This light changes everything it touches with
sacred truth and goodness. KNOW that this light is so powerful that its
effects will last for the entire trial, even though we may choose to
enhance it with ever more love. Any lie told in this space will be seen
through. Any hate, deception or malice brought into this space will
evaporate. This light radiates the HIGHEST GOOD and only the HIGHEST
GOOD may be done in this space. And it will be done.

4) Heal the World! -
Next, still holding hands, turn your attention away from the
courthouse, knowing that ALL IS GOOD there now. We are still connected
and are glowing with LOVE, strong and perfectly well. It is made even
brighter by the great light we have just called. It is now that we're sending out a major love! Feel
the love and light expanding all around you, in you, between us...
expanding, expanding! It feels wonderful! And love has no boundaries...
it exists for and with all of of creation. Feel it grow and reach out
with comfort and tenderness to Michael's children, his family, other
fans, all the people in the L.A. area (yes... everyone,
for if love touches them, their hearts may join us yet). As it expands
it quickly covers the North American continent, then the oceans,
expanding, expanding, ever strong, as others are awakened to it and join
us consiously or unconsciously. South America, Asia, Australia, Africa,
Europe... pole to pole, nation to nation, we are in harmony all around
the world. See Earth from space, glowing with the HEALING energy of love
and light. We are one planet. And Michael is there with us. And we ask
that from this moment forward all life on Earth is HEALED, that there is
PEACE, that all children, all animals, all life is cared for and LOVED.
Feel it. Know it is so.

Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences LightWorldHeartMJSep1-2011 5) Thank you!
- After some moments, realize that thousands of other MJ fans just
joined you in this! That's amazing, isn't it?! How deeply touching and
what GRATITUDE we must feel that we have found others who believe in
changing the world and with whom we've shared our deepest feelings of
love, joy (and pain), and with whom we continue to work to HEAL THE
WORLD. All of us, together with Michael, inspired by Michael, one in
LOVE. What a wonder and a gift. Thank everyone involved as a smile
spread across your face and you slowly open your eyes, again feeling the
ground/floor beneath your feet. Really feel it, grounding you here on
this wondrous and beautiful planet. All is well. All will be well. Thank
you all.

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Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Empty Re: Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

Post by BeGodsGlow on Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:05 pm

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
P.S. Today marks the 2-year anniversary of the first time we sent out a major love! The
first group prayer was on September 25, 2009, among some of our
fan-mily on the forum. And two years later we're all
still together and growing and that's because of the wonderful team of
people who keep the prayer alive (YOU!) by believing in it, feeling it
and knowing we can make a difference in the world from the inside, in
addition to our actions on the outside. So thank you, thank you, thank
you and much love, from the bottom of our hearts!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Majorloveprayer_banner1

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Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Empty Re: Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

Post by 19jacinta88 on Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:09 pm

OK so I didn't follow this through, but I did imagine myself holding hands with tons of other people encircling this building. Then, shooting from our hearts was a strong beam of white light that entered the building and went through all the floors until it reached the ceiling where it shot through it and continued upwards to Heaven. The building was cleansed, purified and illuminated by the Light of Truth.
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Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Empty Re: Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

Post by Modulation Alert on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:33 pm

Major Love Prayer on 9/25/2011- Two Year Anniversary of the Major Love Prayer

Just sat in my chair with a few minutes to go, trying my best to tune out the distracting sounds of someone banging on a toy truck with much fervor...

I visualized a courthouse full of light...dragging out the maximum amount of positivity I can possibly muster. I just hear him laughing saying, "Oh, nonononono, not going there, not yet!"
And then I suddenly hear "So, how about some joy then?"

I just replied "yes, sure, I love Three Dog Night and Joy to the World, you know that song makes me happy, it always did."
"Well, how about your own one then?"
Yeah, yeah, I know, I can be so unbelievably GERMAN, so Schumann-slit-your-wrists-in-beautiful-agony-like.

And with that a melody showed up in front of me. I knew the melody first, went to the piano real quick just to make the melody more 'real', knowing I'd forget as fast as it showed up otherwise.

And I joked, "You dog!"
"Yes, but a very joyful one I am!"

Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences MJTrial2005joyful

With that I slunk over to my desk, fidgeting around, grinning, looking for my lyrics journal and my pen, to add the lyrics to that joy melody. (just the night before I had opened a large bottle of 'whine', saying that writing in this way sometimes makes me incredibly sad, missing him so much more)

And joy to the world

Like a brilliant, shining fold

And joy all over you

See that's me and you

Laugh dark clouds just from the sky

Hold the moment

And then sigh

For the brilliance of the world

Is the Love that we have stirred

And my joy all over you

Like the midnight sun through you

Hold the moment

And hold still

Feel the breath that's moving in.

And the love that's moving through

Is the sun that's loving you

From the grandeur of the sky

Take my love above-



I am always with you
I am always loving
Love is the Love.

"So, what about some spaghetti then? A big pot of spaghetti?"
"Sure, I can do that, but you know they will be vegetarian."
"Just don't try and do what Paul McCartney did to his dog, okay?"
*nearly cuts into finger*

WHAT???????? I haven't stopped laughing since I figured that one out!

Spaghetti are cooking. Guten Appetit- and Joy To The World!
Modulation Alert
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Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Empty Re: Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

Post by BeGodsGlow on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:53 pm

^ Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences 847296 Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences 406228

Immediately felt almost out of my body, or rather that my body was heavy in a comfortable way, as if embraced
all over somehow. My hands felt "held", but as if all over, not via physical hands. Immediately was sucked
into the scene in front of the courthouse in L.A. Many were already there. The atmosphere was nice, kind of
light and happy. As I stood there I became aware that Michael was just behind me, with his hand on my right shoulder. I actually felt a touch physically there. He moved off behind me somewhere where he was helping to "pull in"/gather the others who were doing MLP but didn't know about the special visualization. As the others joined us, we all held hands and began to focus on asking God to fill the space and our hearts with light. At the beginning I felt some of the "we demand justice" vibe on the outskirts and almost felt worried the light would 'explode' the courthouse, so I focused on protection and calm... "thy will be done" and I saw the building wrapped in a giant banner that said "HIGHEST GOOD", lol. The beam of light was intense and the whole building and surrounding were glowing in it. Michael was with us, looking like he did during HTW on the HIStory Tour, moving around from one person to the next to gently calm each of us, touching foreheads softly. I said a prayer at this point, for myself or all of us or however it would work, that we all, all fans as a united force, the family, everyone be guided in the way of love, that we keep this within our hearts and that truth will be told and truth will be seen. I thought of Murray, Judge Pastor, the jury, everyone and just sent them the feeling of love and truth and asked that the highest good be done, whatever that is. We focused there for several minutes, I think.

Then I thought, "It's time to send the love out!" It was tough at first to turn the focus away from the courthouse. The love went in a wave of light outward between us all, like crystal clear water covering the land in a soft wave. It went to Michael's children, his mother, his family, saying, "I love you, we love you". It went to the media, even Diane D. and Nancy G., asking them to see the love and allow themselves to feel it. It didn't linger; it just kept expanding. It expanded across America and the oceans and then I began lifting above the planet. As I rose into the air I could see us all as little points of light in our actual physical locations, spread out around the world. Then I was above the planet and could see Earth from space, glowing in light. I zoomed back down to the planet then and found myself in Africa, handing food packets out to children. Michael was there too, smiling and handing things to the children. Then we blipped around to some other locations, but mostly I remember the kid in Africa and then the Middle East, probably Syria or Libya ... Michael and I were taking guns from people who were willingly giving them over. We were piling them into the back of a truck that would take them away. People cried to Michael and he was always smiling with joy, hugging them. Wow.

Then I was back out in space and seeing the planet glowing. I asked that it be healed and that all on it recognize oneness and love ... but you know, this time I felt so CALM. It was a very OMMMMMM kind of sensation. Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences 822383 I didn't really feel the need to say anything or feel anything. Just ommmmmmmm. All was ok. I knew that whatever happened anywhere, all was ok. I even noted that this time I didn't see any heavenly images of Michael with angels or anything like I often do. This was very 'physical'-based somehow for me, but it wasn't disappointing at all. Just peaceful. It may have been around this point I felt buzzing touches on my head in a couple of places, but I can't recall at exactly what point this was. I stayed in this for a few minutes and then thanked everyone, hugged all of you.

I then spent the next 15 minutes or so into my own deeply prayerful experience... Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences 227350

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Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences Empty Re: Sept 25, 2011 Special Prayer Visualization/Experiences

Post by BeGodsGlow on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:55 pm

MLP Update:
Thank you, and please remember the LOVE

Thank you all so very much joining us today for Major Love Prayer! This was such an important prayer, for even more reasons than usual, plus it was the 2-year anniversary of the first time we sent out a major love as a group in September 2009.

Remember that this same visualization we used today can be used at any time over the next weeks.

This site will have more updates in the days and weeks that follow (such as for the Sunflower Stand for Justice for Michael on Tuesday morning! 100 sunflowers will be handed out at the courthouse so that fans may stand in peace as one united force. Be there at 7:30 am in the courtyard to join!). For now, please know that YOU are SO important... your voice, your strength and your prayers make a difference! Your voice that calls for LOVE is crucial in this world. With one voice we can move through the trial maintaining love within our
hearts, even in the toughest times, even when we are confronted with anger and distress. Love begets love, so let us try to hold this truth within our hearts and stay UNITED. That is key. May justice be done, may truth be told and may we gently guide each other in the ways of oneness even as we are ourselves are guided from within and above. We're here for Michael and for each other. Always. Inseperable, for we were never separate. Bless you all, much, much love and gratitude and we'll see you all again October 25th for Major Love Prayer and before that for other prayers and messages and togetherness. ~ Love, the MLP team