Dec 25, 2011 experience

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Dec 25, 2011 experience Empty Dec 25, 2011 experience

Post by 19jacinta88 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:13 am

OK first I wish to share what happened on the afternoon of December 24th. I'm Norwegian, and here in Norway we celebrate Christmas on the 24th; we eat good food, open presents, etc. It's tradition that NRK (a TV-channel) broadcasts three certain movies from 11am - 3pm on the 24th: the Czech movie "Three Nuts to Cinderella", the Norwegian movie "The Journey to the Christmas Star" and then the Disney classic "From All Of Us To All Of You". Towards the end, when Timmy Grasshopper sang "When You Wish Upon A Star", I looked to my left. I had my eyes open and I saw the door, but for my mind'e eye I saw Michael. Black pants, red shirt and loose, black curly hair, he was lipsyncing to the song. Midway through it, a luminous girl appeared on Michael's left and clutched his leg. I'm not sure but I think it was Jacinta Marto. Towards the end of the song, I saw a large number of luminous beings behind Michael, and together with Timmy Grasshopper he smiled and said: "From all of all of you.....Merry Christmas." I whispered "Merry Christmas, Michael" in return to him...
I was alone in the living room when this happened and I'm thankful my mother didn't hear me sniffle and cry (of joy!!)

On the 25th I felt called to pray the Rosary, which I did...starting at 6pm my time, preparing for Mother Mary's apparition at 6:45pm in Medjugorje. I listened to the album "Solfeggio Harmonics" and came to track four "417 Hz Transmutation". I closed my eyes and decided to just let the music take control. I could feel my body seated on the chair and the earplugs in my ears, but for my mind's eye, I saw this:

I was wearing a long white gown and was levitating upwards. I saw only bright lights around me, then, at some point, Michael showed up on my right side and we linked arms. Next thing I knew we flew over a landscape and I saw a large group of people. We were in Medjugorje. Next, we were walking through the crowd of people and made our way to the front, next to the visionary Marija. We knelt down, Michael to my right, but when I looked up, I saw Mother Mary:

Dec 25, 2011 experience Olmpcardfb

I saw Her lips move but only heard Michael's voice beside me: "Come back. Come back to God." I looked at Michael but his eyes were glued to Mary: "The world must return to God, to the One True Source of Love and Divinity." Then he took my hand and said "Come on, let's go." We walked back through the crowd and flew up again. Next thing I saw, we were floating in the air surrounded by bright lights.

(some more things happened but I wish to keep that private, but I think this short message from Michael was very important to share)

NOTE: I am not aiming to make anyone jealous of my experience. This was HIGHLY unexpected and I was in awestruck silence for over an hour afterwards.
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Dec 25, 2011 experience Empty Re: Dec 25, 2011 experience

Post by jinnan on Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:02 am

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