MJ's Oxford Union speech 2001

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MJ's Oxford Union speech 2001 Empty MJ's Oxford Union speech 2001

Post by LoveMJ4Ever on Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:29 pm

Heal the Kids, Part 1 of 4. Beautiful and important speech by Michael Jackson to Oxford Union (Oxford University, UK) in 2001. Full text included in video. Michael was a kind and gentle person, intelligent and funny, warm and loving. And a true humanitarian. Here he pleads for us all to reconnect with our families, to forgive, to end the violence in schools and heal the hearts of the children, including our own inner child. He talks about his own childhood and the difficulties he faced in the relationship with his father. I wish everyone would listen to this. We miss you, Michael. I love you forever.
PART 1 of 1: