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April 25, 2010 Prayer

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by BeGodsGlow Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:49 pm

Just a reminder that April's Major Love Prayer, uniting people from across the planet at the exact same time to 'send out a major love' to heal the world with prayer/intention/meditation, is THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 25th at 2pm Los Angeles time (Monday the 26th in some parts of the world). Wherever you are, you can join in this global affirmation of L.O.V.E. by simply taking some moments to spread love in spirit, by joining in our collective energy. When we unite together as ONE we can change the world!

2pm in Los Angeles is 5pm in New York, 22:00 in the UK and 23:00 CEST in Europe. Please see the for cities across the world. Participation instructions translated into 15 languages can be found on For further suggestions on how to increase effectiveness and find that powerful feeling of love within yourself, please read "".

Please spread the word, remind your forums and friends and don't forget that this is a monthly event... every month on the 25th at 2pm L.A. time, so we're sending out a major love again in May! It's all for L.O.V.E. Let's make that change. April 25, 2010 Prayer 822383 April 25, 2010 Prayer 339391 April 25, 2010 Prayer 339391 April 25, 2010 Prayer 339391

April 25, 2010 (Sunday)
11:00 / 11am - Honolulu
13:00 / 1pm - Anchorage
14:00 / 2pm - (US PDT) Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Phoenix
15:00 / 3pm - (US MDT) Denver, Edmonton, Guatemala, Managua
16:00 / 4pm - (US CDT) Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico City, Winnipeg, Lima, Kingston, Bogota, (Caracas 16:30)
17:00 / 5pm - (US EDT) New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Havana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Asuncion
18:00 / 6pm - Halifax, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro (St. John's 18:30)
21:00 / 9pm - (UT/GMT) Reykjavik, Casablanca
22:00 / 10pm - (BST) London, Dublin, Lisbon, Lagos, Algiers
23:00 / 11pm - (CEST) Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Cairo, Zagreb, Cape Town

April 26, 2010 (Monday)
00:00 / midnight - Helsinki, Bucharest, Athens, Minsk, Istanbul, Khartoum, Ankara, Jerusalem, Nairobi, Baghdad, Riyadh
01:00 / 1am - Moscow, Dubai, (Tehran 01:30), (Kabul 01:30)
02:00 / 2am - Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, (Mumbai 02:30), (New Delhi 02:30), (Kolkata 02:30), (Kathmandu 02:45)
03:00 / 3am - Almaty, Dhaka, (Yangon 03:30)
04:00 / 4am - Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta,
05:00 / 5am - Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth, Manila, Taipei
06:00 / 6am - Tokyo, Seoul, (Darwin 06:30), (Adelaide 06:30)
07:00 / 7am - (AU EST) Melbourne, Sydney
08:00 / 8am - Vladivostok,
09:00 / 9am - Auckland, Kamchatka, Anadyr, Suva, (Chatham Islands 09:45)
11:00 / 11am - Kiritimati

April 25, 2010 Prayer Majorloveprayer_banner1

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by BeGodsGlow Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:50 pm

Startin' Somethin' - If possible, we've found it really helps to
start a couple of minutes before the prayer
time. Take some deep breaths and calm your thoughts. Just relax. If you
follow a particular religious or meditative practice, now is the perfect
time to say a personal prayer to God and/or call in angels or guides to
assist and protect as we spread love to the world.

Loving each other wholeheartedly -
The more love we can each feel, the more
we have to give to the world in unity. As the prayer begins, the
instructions have asked you to focus on love, on the feeling of giving
and receiving love. A wonderful way to do this is simply to think about
WHO you love. Who do you love in a deep, joyful and unconditional way?
Who do you wish all the best for and want only happiness to surround?
Who fills your heart full? Who do feel compassion for? There's no right
or wrong here, for it's all love.
Just feel it. Is it a religious figure or a deep sense of the divine
you can feel down in your soul? A feeling of connection with nature?
Could it be your children? Your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? A best
friend or dear pet? Could it be our beautiful inspiration for this
prayer, Michael Jackson? Maybe it's a combination of many people, like
your family or a closeknit group of likeminded people. Who do you love deep inside so much that you can't imagine you
could love them more? Just feel it right now, without judgement. Let the
love flow through you, in whichever way it does and for whomever it

Once you are in the feeling of this love it is time to
expand it past the personal and to the global. There are other people
all over the planet who are feeling this right now, who are doing the same thing at this moment.
We're all here for the same reason, with the same intention. We want to
heal the world with you, to make a little space, to make a better place.
We want peace. We care about this planet too. We are willing to set
aside our differences, our fights and disappointments. We feel it
inside. Can you feel it? Let us reach out to each other. Hold my hand.
You are not alone. Together we can make it
happen. If we all cry with joy at the same time tonight we can change
the world. With focus and a desire for harmony we can affect global
consciousness. We can awaken hearts to the inner truth that we are all
ONE... one people, one planet, one global heartbeat, united and whole.
See how our little glowing dots of energy on the globe have connected
and how Earth is now bathed in love. Know that everything and everyone
is ONE and healed.

we'll cry happy tears
After we've expanded the love and held it
for as many minutes as you feel comfortable (5 to 10 minutes is a good
target if you can fit that into your schedule), please remember the last
part of the instructions, to thank everyone in your heart and wish all
your fellow participants health and happiness. We've been doing Major
Love Prayers since autumn of 2009 and have heard many experiences.
Sometimes it can be intensely cathartic with tears. Sometimes it's
purely joyous and even euphoric. Sometimes it can be very emotional as
we are also remembering Michael on the 25th. It could even be that you
feel next to nothing. There can
be many reasons for this, such as mood, environment, etc. Don't let it
bother you. It is what it is, and there's always next month! If you feel
jittery or spacey afterwards, please take a moment to 'ground'
yourself. Place your feet on the ground and really feel the floor under
your feet. Shake your hands toward the floor ("shake your body down to
the ground" Wink, like you're shaking excess energy off. You can also
visualize vines or cords connecting you to the Earth that allow excess
jittery energy to drain off for a minute. Then take a deep breath and
feel that breath all the way to your diaphragm. You are centered in your
body and ready to go about your day.

Bless you and thank you so
much for helping to change the world and continue Michael Jackson's
legacy of L.O.V.E. ♥️

April 25, 2010 Prayer Majorloveprayer_banner1

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by Arina Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:15 pm

suggest that we all listen to the song One Day In Your Life
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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by michaelmania Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:54 pm

Im here, it will be 1am my time. I miss Michael so much, Michael is our forever spiritual messenger, the master of love and light.
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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty WOW!

Post by Kathi-L Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:21 pm

Wow, guys! Could you FEEL it? I am surprised it worked out that well here. I am in Spain, but actually I am German, and I had goosebumps when we got started and when I finished a few minutes ago. This is amazing! I prepared myself singing a little of We are the World, and to complete our MAJORLOVEPRAYER I listened to OUR FATHER on youtube sung by Don Moen.
Thank you guys! I'll be there next month! L.O.V.E. to you all! RIP MJ

amen group huddle


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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty my prayer experience on April 25

Post by 19jacinta88 Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:33 pm


I joined in on January 25, but due to depression, stress and other things, I didn't participate until today, April 25.

When the prayer itself started, I visualized various people doing the same. Then I «saw» (meaning, in my mind's eye) darkness, and a lot of people – myself and my spirit helper and guardian angel included – coming together in a circle, joining hands. We closed our eyes and joined hands, and after a bit our hands began to glow. Someone's hands were shaking, others were not. The glow grew stronger, until little light sparks began to rise. (they looked like little fireflies from Disney's classic «Robin Hood» when Robin and Marian walk behind the waterfall in the dark).
The sparks rose up and began twirling around, «wiping» the pollution from the air; plunging into the seas and «stirring» it clean; a dolphin jumped out of the waves and squeeled in happiness. The sparks flew on through forests where grey and dead trees became brown and green again; people were running through the forest looking happy.
People were looking at eachother, patting eachother's back smiling. The words «I love you!» were being heard over the various people, the voices belonged to children, men, women, elderly people.

*I got a sudden flashback to a meeting in a charismatic church where I participated in a «fire tunnel». (it starts with two people standing opposite eachother, and another person stands between the two. They lay hands on that person and pray for him/her, then another person joins in as well. As the two who received prayer walks on, they position themselves besides the original two, forming a tunnel. As more people join, the tunnel becomes longer.)*

I saw the participants of MLP standing opposite one another, and it was blackness around us. The Universe (!!!) was going through the tunnel between us, lots and lots of shining stars. Finally the trail of stars came to an end, and we were standing in a circle holding hands again. The stars were now the Universe in our midst (like we see in school pictures how the universe look like). It «zoomed in» until we saw the Earth, and we turned slightly to the left with our bodies: with our left arm we held around the waist of the person in front of us, and the right hand was extended towards the Earth. A golden light began to shine from our hands towards the Earth, and eventually the light encircled it.

Then again, little sparks of that light began to fly out, landing on our hearts. We let go of eachother, and the light entered our bodies and filled us completely. (this is called the White Light of God). We floated in the Universe, filled with this Light, and the Earth was shining in green and blue with such vibrant colours.
Eventually the Light in us was dimmed until it faded away completely.
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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty LOVE

Post by naneja Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:52 pm

I joined today for the first time. It is wonderful to have found those with whom I can at last share what I live for last 10 months. I really really beleive we can make a difference. Together. With Michael guarding us from Heaven. Lightening our path with LOVE.
Love you all. Love you Michael. But you always love me more.


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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by BeGodsGlow Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:04 pm

This was my 7th MLP Smile It was very intense for me this month and I don't imagine that I can really convey the feeling, but I'll try to explain. I
listened to Will You Be There in the minutes before the prayer and then
switched to Jonathan Goldman's Ultimate Om as it started. I felt a
feeling of presence quite strongly all around me (and warmth across my back and right arm) and then the rush of people came
in... whoosh... then I started crying. I wasn't crying so much about
Michael, but it was just some kind of release as I tried to create my 'Patronus Charm of Love'. I had my hands on my knees, palms up and instead
of them getting hot like usual I felt a cool breeze across them! All
through the prayer I would get these sensations in my hands, like
pressure in the palms or like someone would move a finger across one of
my fingers. It was so strange, lol. They were tingly and very "active".
The first thing after we "connected" was I just saw Earth with this
beautiful pink light grid in some kind of mandala-like pattern all
around it. So we were all connected not just by lines of pink light, but
the lines and points all became this beautiful pattern. Whoa. And it
made sense because last night during a meditation l I closed my eyes and
all I could "see" were these lines of sparkly pink light kind of raining
down. It all connected in my mind during MLP.

So then there was this whole new level of experience. I suddenly found
myself saying, "We love you" to everything and everyone. I was sitting
there with tears running down my face, like feeling all the sh*t that
people do to each other and the world... "We love you..." ... "we love
you, stop fighting" ... "we love you, we're all one"... and it turned
into "I love you..." I love you, Michael. I love you, fellow fans. I love you, my family and friends. I love you, people of China, of Africa, the Middle East... everywhere (won't list them all, lol). I
love you, fish. I love you, snakes. I love you, spiders (eeek, even
spiders). ... everyone. This went on, expanding and expanding for quite
some time. I kept thinking/feeling "we're one, I love you"...

And then ... wham... the energy changed and I stopped crying. I was
seeing Earth from space and now it wasn't pink anymore, but glowing in blue. Peaceful and
blue. And then this INTENSE emerald green energy grew and encompassed me
and it was like I was becoming part of a rainforest! I was green. I was
some type of forest creature or nature spirit. I was the forest. And I
was saying, "I love you" to Earth, to Gaia. "We are healed. We are healed. We are healed." And then I floated into the
ocean and sank, deeper and deeper until I couldn't see sunlight anymore
and I was sooo peaceful I could've just stayed that way.

But then I thought about Michael (and wondered what time it is, lolol)
and then I was standing in a field and we were all reaching to each
other and I could see Michael in his Bad album cover outfit walk toward
me and then I was holding both his hands and everyone else's at the same
time somehow. (And Jesus popped in briefly too like in previous prayers, but not so clearly.)
Then I sort of talked to Michael about how real this desire to change
things is and I heard a few clicks in the music in my right headphone
(clicks which aren't there!) and I thought "wow, Michael?" lol and I
got really floaty and felt a strong presence sense and almost left my
body. Oh yes! I forgot! During this time I suddenly started SHAKING! It was during the time I felt I
was with Michael and for some reason I kept saying (about him and the
world) "We are one, we are one, we are one" ... and I was shaking, like
vibrating all the way through me. It didn't last long, maybe a minute?

When I felt it was all finished I opened my eyes and was surprised to
find it was already 19 after the hour. Long one this time.

April 25, 2010 Prayer Majorloveprayer_banner1

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by InnerMichael Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:43 pm

Hello BGG!
The energy came like a huge soft wave. It was sweet and quite tactile. I was in the light tunnel. These light tunnels criss cross the Earth and link up in a geometric matrix. We are covered in a netting of light! Thanks.

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by DaMa_PiKa Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:38 am

This month you had a new partecipant to MLP. yes It was the first time I connected with all of you and felt the energy of love and the light of hope. And i loved it! I saw and felt some things like some of you described them. But i am afraid i didn't do it that good because i lost concentration like 2-3 times. But i will be with you every month and i know that it will get better every time. I love you guys! angel

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty my experiences

Post by Natalie Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:36 pm

Hey everybody! I am very glad that I found this page, this major love praying together is a very beautiful thing.
This was my fist time to participate in it. Before that I listened to the song Cry, and (as always listening to this song) I started to cry Crying or Very sad and become filled with love heart . (When I listen to Michael's music, some of his songs just put me in ecstasy, I feel like I just melt into the song, I become the rhythm, the guitar, the strings and just enjoying Michael's beautiful, magnificent voice. wub )
Then 5 minutes before 23 o'clock (I am from Hungary) I listened to another music, to a piano piece, whatever, and it just calmed me down, so when the prayer began I didn't feel anything special, than I imagined people from different countries doing the same as me, and saw parts of our beautiful planet, and than asked Michael "Are you with me?" Then I saw him embracing me, and I started to shake for half a minute maybe, and my ears were buzzing (though i turned off the music by then), (it's interesting that BeGodsGlow wrote the same) I shed love everywhere, for the Earth earth world and people, than I calmed down maybe 10 minutes after the start. so that was my experience Smile
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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by humannature Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:31 pm

love sign Love and thanks for this beautiful experience to all of you!
My prayer time is 11.00pm, but even hours before I heard the song "Heal the world" in my head and it didn't stop anymore. When the prayer began I immediately found myself in a huge circle of people, I saw smiling, happy faces full of love. We were holding hands and singing "Heal the world .." The planet appeared in the center of our circle. The blue and white colours were so bright and intense! Our bodies began to weigh slightly in the rhythm of the song, we became one body in one perfect harmonic move. Still holding hands, our hands rose up and I felt a tingle from my elbows to my fingertips. It became stronger ... the lyrics changed to "WE heal the world, WE make it a better place ..." We held the planet between our hands ( with a distance) and I felt the tingling energy radiating from our hands down to the planet, sparkling, glittering, dancing around the planet, showing quickly changing colours .. it was such a blissful dance, purest joy of life! I saw all the wonderful beings and all I felt was LOVE heart for them, overwhelming LOVE! I embraced them all, in tears, told them how much I love them, again and again. And with them I embraced the entire planet as well .... but I wasn't the only one. Somehow each of us did it as well, all at the same time.
At the end we opened our hands and blessed our beautiful planet, we blessed each being on earth - and one another, too. I watched how the Earth absorbed our blessing, more and more, till it was completely filled. And then ..... there was nothing else anymore but absolute calmness and safety, a deep peace and a kind of knowledge: "it is completed!"
butterfly2 earth world :flowerdance: sun sunny
After that it took me some time to calm down. It also took some time till that tingle faded away, little by little.
I'm always learning something new, I'm always getting a better understanding, each time I'm praying with you. I don't wanna miss it anymore!
My LOVE sparkle will always belong to you, Michael ... and it's for all time!
THANK YOU ALL so much!
... with blessings and L.O.V.E.
from my heart to yours!
send love group hug

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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Major Love Prayer

Post by MJsHeart Wed May 12, 2010 3:33 am


Tears flowing like a river
Love is here at the center of all we do
United in spirit
Our prayer is heard across the planet
Healing its soul, the wounds upon it

New life, love, and peace reside
Within our hearts world-wide
The power to heal is in our hands
Touching, reaching across the lands
The brightest light shines 'round the globe
When we unite, LOVE unfolds!

Copyright 2010 by Charlene Burgess


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April 25, 2010 Prayer Empty Re: April 25, 2010 Prayer

Post by Sponsored content

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