25 January 2013 experience

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25 January 2013 experience Empty 25 January 2013 experience

Post by 21stellaluna on Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:51 am

My major love prayer of january 2013

I sat down and listened to a piano version of speechless. I took deep breaths and I folded my hands before my figure and blew softly between my hands. With one hand I caressed my forehead and figure and let my hand go down to my tummy where it stayed. The other hand joined it, two hands holding each other. I kindly asked for Michaels LOVE to come to me. Like a sudden sunbeam it reached to me. My breathing went faster. Immediately I felt the need to spread my arms to receive the love of all the persons around the globe sending out a major love. It went very fast. Like a sudden flood it flowed over me.
I focused on giving back all that much love. I saw it flowing to a huge, wide very old tree. This tree had stored the wisdom and love of hundreds of years. The love spread between his leaves. Leaving the tree, the light climbed up to a mountain high. I twirled around its peak. Then poured out to the valley of green grass. I saw a flower opening its bloom. The love became red-coloured and ran slowly over the tiny stones of a riverbed. The river took the love with him. The waters reached a young man I had met yesterday in the train on my way home.( I was sitting behind him and listened what he told to an old friend. He told her, he had had a very painful childhood and ended up as a homless teenager for over a year. With the help of a nice person he gained new self-confidence and is now starting a whole new life. He was so happy about telling his story. Before leaving the train he even thanked his friend for listening to him. I was very impressed by this young man.
I saw the love rising from the waters and twirling quickly around this young man. It twirled faster and faster only to explode like a huge fireworks. The arms of the fireworks reached high to the skys and then fell slowly down, spreading over the entire world. It was then that it reached again all the people of the world.
I felt deep gratitude for this wonderful visualisation and I thanked all who participated in this prayer.

This was the first time that I had a visualisation of that kind and I am so happy that I want to share it with you.
I thank you all.

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