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MJ Special!

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MJ Special! Empty MJ Special!

Post by rheather Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:51 pm

Any other MJ fans out there planning to watch the TV Guide Network's upcoming Michael Jackson special, Gone Too Soon, on June 25th? I'm really excited about it!

Check it out:

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MJ Special! Empty Re: MJ Special!

Post by LoveMJ4Ever Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:02 pm

Gone Too Soon is Ian Halperin's "documentary". If you don't know, he's not exactly an MJ fan favorite MJ Special! 222121 His book has all sorts of crazy stuff about Michael, pushing stories of lots of gay lovers in Vegas, etc, and things about MJ's health that were later shown to be false by the autopsy (so clearly his 'facts' weren't right). He's a publisher favorite because he comes up with all these sensational "shocking" things in celeb's lives and that sells well. Check out the comments below it on Amazon for some ideas of Halperin:

MJ's ex bodyguards are writing a book, but have delayed it until August so they can see what kind of crazy ish shows up in this "documentary" and dispute it properly. Again, Halperin's not a reliable source. Tabloid sensationalism. Unfortunately this show has been sold to something like 50 networks worldwide and is airing all over the world on the 25th. MJ Special! 89667
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